New Discoveries

The more you know,
the more you realise you don't know.

Research is about re-searching, looking for more, discovering more, and learning more. It is also about revising assumptions, modifying ideas, and correcting mistakes.

This portal is for all of those things, but it is a swing door and your ideas, thoughts and knowledge can pass through it too. Over the years I have been wrong many times and had to correct things, so I will not be offended if you happen to supply supported, contrary information. In fact, I would be happy to discover and learn even more about this quiet corner of Spain.

An Invitation Accepted

With so little documentation of the post war history of this area, I have been delighted by the response to my invitation for contributions to this work. Spanish historians, anthropologists, mining enthusiasts and conservationists who know people who worked in the area in the 1940’s and 1950’s have contacted me, offering everything from snippets to volumes of information about this obscured era. One or two of them have even tried to help me to understand the local vernacular. Spanish, but not as we know it, these local words and phrases have been bamboozling outsiders for centuries.
A special mention must go to Pedro Perales Larios who provided me with a whole raft of his old Facebook posts. So many of which prompted the response, “Who knew?” that I have gathered them into a section under the heading Pearls from Perales.

Pearls from Perales -
1. More about the Railway

With information from Pedro’s posts La Chimenea de las Tolvas and Las Tolvas del Cargadero, I have put together a supplementary section on the railway. An early form of road/rail integration, an obstructive piece of street furniture in Villaricos and a trip down ‘grim’ street.

View or download More About The Railway PDF.

Pearls from Perales -
2. The Tale of the Peruana Mule

A bit of local folklore with this one. While we might express ourselves as hungry as a horse, you could hear an elderly local declaring to be as hungry as ‘el macho de la Peruana’. So, what made this mule so special that it entered into the lexicography of the area?

View or download The Tale of the Peruana Mule PDF.

The current Pearls from Perales have been gathered together into a book to which more pearls will be added.

Señor Pedro Perales Larios. Pedro’s old Facebook posts to non-Spanish speakers.
Volume Pearls from Perales Book Cover