Volume Four of Then, There Were Mines, is all about the men who lived, worked and sometimes died in the Almagrera mountains.

  • Where the hundreds of men come from and where they laid their heads.
    How they performed their allotted tasks at the Observación mine.
  • The army of young boys who spent their childhood working alongside their fathers.
    The itinerant shaft sinkers who sunk the hundreds of shafts and drove the underground levels.
  • The ways in which the mine owners exploited those who worked for them.
    The dangers that the men faced every day just to get to work.
  • The diseases of poverty suffered by the men and the available treatments and cures.
    The scandal of the Jaroso hospital and faith in prayer.
  • The slow rise of socialism and the mine owners reaction to the men’s demands.
    The giving with one hand, and the taking away ...